Photographs and Writing by Montré Livingston 

A Frame At A Time is a new editorial series produced by Jonathan Labez, where we assign a rollerblader a 35mm disposable camera and ask them to document the important aspects of their day to day lives. Our first installment is with Montré Livingston.

What up world! It’s your friendly neighborhood rollerblader, Montré Livingston and this is a glimpse into my random life. Working with this [disposable] camera was a bit difficult. Not having any real photographer experience, I kinda just winged it! haha. Can’t believe that the pics came out okay. I was sure they’d all be blurry. Haha.

I had fun with this project though! It was cool trying to figure out how I was gonna go about it. In the end, I found it was best when everything was in the moment instead of trying to pose for a pic each time. With that being said, I hope you find you all find my random life interesting. If you take anything from this or learn anything from me, I hope it’s to just live life. Don’t try to make life happen, just live life. 


A store/shop you go into regularly. 

This is Spoke Easy. It’s a bike shop and a bar. And this is Lydia. A member of my bike club RAD and also one of my favorite bar tenders. Best bar in Charlotte. 

First place you cruised to today?

Just like any other day, my dog Forrest and I go for a ‘lil stroll around the hood. You know, so he can pee, poop, and tire himself out before I have to head to work, haha. He loves blade running. 

Where did you end your day?

Most of my days/nights end at Oso skate park. I mean, where else would you rather be than an awesome BYOB skate park, hahaha.

A view of the city.

Charlotte is an ever-growing city. First or second largest banking city in the US of A. Born and raised, I will always call this home.

Something you cherish. 

This is my family. I love them and all the craziness that comes with them.

What made you happy today? 

This is ROCKO. My lady came home with him and we just fell in love. So happy to have another awesome pupper! He’s a husky rottweiler mix.

Your morning ritual?

I got into yoga through Rob G. and Josh Glowicki. They gave me advice on how it will help me out with my body in the long run. At first, I was too impatient but after I felt the results, I had to make it a part of my daily life.

Something you can’t leave the house without?

I’m always on my bike. Riding all over the city—sometimes all day and night due to being a bike messenger. These are all the things that keep me moving and get me through my day.

What do you do to unwind?

You all know me as a ‘Pabst Blue Ribbon’ guy, though to unwind I do art and drink box wine. The entire box, haha.

Show us something you came across.

Soooo—I was at work during CIAA and there were mascots everywhere. The streets, the offices, bars – even my job. They took over the city!

What’s in your bag?

This was me getting ready to go to work at the skate park. Sometimes, I like to do art at the park or sometimes I just drink, haha.

What’s something others rarely see?

I’m an ‘all-wheels’ type of guy. That means bikes, blades, boards, scooters, anything I can do some type of tricks or stunts with. To see me in a car and actually driving it is super rare.

Photograph the friends you’re with today.

Super random. The living legend Richie V. just happened to be in town and blessed us with his presence and shredded the skate park like he’s been there forever. Awesome dude for sure!

Montré Livingston is one of rollerblading’s most prolific figures; within the past decade, Livingston has proven himself  through various video parts and competition wins to be one of  the most heralded names in the sport.

He currently rides for USD, Create Originals, Vibralux Denim, My Fit Lit Liners, Ennui Brand, BHC Wheels, S9 Bearings, Blader Gang and Oak City Skate Shop.

You can follow him on Instagram here.

Jon Labez is Be-Mag’s associate photo editor, retaining a lengthy history of documenting some of the finest athletes in the sport.

You can follow him on Instagram here.