Photos | Words By Matthias Ogger @Matthias Ogger
Intro | Produced by Jonathan Labez @JMLabez

Earlier in the year we approached Germany turned Aussie, Matthias Ogger, about doing our 35mm disposable project, ‘A Frame At A Time.’  If you are a regular follower of Matthias like we are, he’s become a notable fashion photographer shooting almost exclusively in film.  His Instagram stories tout an inordinate amount of film rolls in his fridge, wrappers brimming out of his bag, and gifs waving goodbye at his wallet.  Shooting in film is a labor of love when it’s so easy to pick up a digital camera and be done with the matter.  Then again, rollerblading is a labor of love when there’s work and outside responsibilities waiting.  We do what we love because it keeps us hopeful, ever-wanting to go forward.  

Lately, I haven’t been much in the limelight of rollerblading. Living and working as a photographer just got in the way—the daily grind. I still skate when I can and hope to put out more content on a more regular basis in the near future.

I found the disposable project to be exciting and since most of my professional work is shot on film anyway (35 and 120mm), it was an easy transition! Disposable cameras have lenses made out of plastic, which means you don’t end up getting much sharpness from your images. I feel this adds to the look of final photo on a disposable. It’s a feature that lets you just focus on what you want to capture.

I hope you enjoy the shots of my crew and co — Matthias

A shop you go into regularly
There’s a great coffee shop across the road from my train stop. This is also the only coffee shop at this train stop, which makes it an easy choice.

Where did you end you’re day.
We ended our day skating a spot called ‘lock up.’ On what was the coldest day of the year, this is the view of the city we could see.

Who was I with today

Jimmy God Be here
The first time I met Jimmy, I was at a skate comp up in the country 9 years ago. Fast forward 10 years later and this is him now. Jimmy is a pure street skater with a great passion for skating. Make sure to check out his sponsor me edits on Instagram. He usually has a new edit up every week. @james_gbh

Andy Plumrich
I’ve known Andy for about 10 years. I met him shortly after arriving in Australia. Andy is one of the most motivated and talented skaters in the Australian skate scene. He’s always keen to skate, film and always has fresh spots up his sleeve. You may have caught his latest edit, Lock up. If not check it out!

Glenn Beardmore
Not only does Glenn build the best low rails and PVC Boxes in Australia, he is also the founder of Daily Shred. @_dailyshred_

Leo Brickhill
Leo is the life of the party—or every skate sesh that he attends. Fun fact: Leo is more Aussie than Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee). In real life, Leo is a fully licensed electrician.

A view of the city
Can you ever get tired of this view?

Something I cherish
I cherish my skates of course! What would I do without ‘em?
The THEMs are also the first skates I’ve ever owned that don’t hurt my feet. They’re wider in the front than the boots I’ve ridden in the past.

When traveling overseas back in the day, I was always afraid the airline would lose my skates. That is why I always had them as carry-on. Safety first.

What made me happy today
Landing these 2 tricks definitely made me happy today. Skating in general makes me happy. ☺
 You can quit skating for a few months or even for a few years, but never fully drop it from your life. It’s like heroine—in a good way.

My morning ritual
Pretty basic—morning coffee. Sometimes, donuts.

Something I can’t leave the house without
I can’t leave the house without my phone these days. God I miss the days when phones didn’t weren’t connected to the internet.

Who makes me laugh
Jimmy. Hands down, he’s the funniest guy out there and a real street skater.

Something I came across
There are CCTVs everywhere. Big brother is always watching.

A view from the ground up
I love construction sites. Mostly because it means usually there will be more spots to skate!

What’s in my bag
Multiple rolls of 120 mm film. I can’t help but think there goes my money packing my bag before a shoot.

Matthias Ogger lives and works in Australia as a photographer. You can see his photography on Instagram @MatthiasOgger and his website MatthiasOgger.com.

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