Hedonskate Tour 2012 Update #2: Gettin’ stuck in Kaunas!

Text by Nils Jansons
Edit by Edgar Krasnovs
Photography by Kaspars Alksnis

Everyone woke up with a little hangover and were ready for 5th day of the tour! Since the weather was great and everyone didn’t feel like shredding, we just spent first part of the day at the same house, swimming in the lake, in the hot tub, playing football and just enjoying the great weather and landscape out of the city. In the evening we had a session in the indoor skatepark with the locals, giving away free Hedonskate stuff for best shreaders. The park was slippery and small, but i think everyone had fun there especially after the session when we started the drinking session at the park. Everyone stayed and had fun at the park till all the beers were gone. We went home with some people on the van’s roof and had loads of fun that night!!

The next day it was time to kill some streets but we had enough time to kill only two spots because of the rain. Joe killed the craziest rail i’ve ever seen; a 50 meter long down rail going like a wave with a drop and poles on the other side and i found one triple perfect kink ledge and got a clip on that one as well. The day was over and it had ended pretty good, so we had to pick up our stuff from local guy at who’s place we stayed at just before we got there our van broke down!!!! Our plan was to leave Kaunas in the evening and head to Palanga, but we got stuck in Kaunas for two days! At least we had a place where to stay and Manta’s mom helped us out a lot. She made awesome food everyday and helped to find a mechanic who could fix a 1997 Ford. Everyday it was raining so we were starting freak out doing nothing, but it was alright- climbing on roofs, foot skating and all kind of other shit when you got nothing to do.

After two days our van got fixed and straight away we left to our next stop Palanga!! Huge thanks to Mantas and his mom for helping us out so much!! The next update will be about our next stops Palanga and Liepaja!! Wiggas still trippin!

-Nils Jansons